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Running January 1st 2024 - May 26th 2024

To reward our customers we are offering a loyalty program.

How does it work?

Simply, every 1/2 Hour you book will earn you 1 Point

For example:

1 Hour Booking = 2 Points

1 1/2 Hour Booking = 3 Points

2 Hour Booking = 4 Points

and so on

Once you reach 18 POINTS you will receive a $60 voucher and your points will be reset back to 0 and you can start accumulating again.  The $60 Voucher will be applied to your next visit.

Indoor Golf Sims will be keeping track of all this and will inform you of your current point total and when you have earned a free voucher.

All tee times previously booked going back to January 1st 2024 will be given points.

A few rules:

  • To manage this properly, only the one person whose name the tee time is booked under will receive points, no exceptions.

  • The $60 Voucher will be applied to your next visit once earned and will not count towards future points during this promotion.

  • This version of the promotion ends May 26th 2024 regardless of any points accrued.

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